An Angel On Earth




†††††† Itís been three years since Heath Barkley arrived on the Barkley Ranch.During that time heís worked hard to be accepted by not only his fatherís family, but also by the Barkley ranch hands and the people of Stockton.When Heath must travel miles away from the ranch one spring, he unknowingly brings a deadly illness back with him.The diphtheria epidemic that strikes the Barkley ranch, and neighboring Stockton, will claim many lives before it comes to an end.Heath is forced to fight for his life as well, when the disease brings him near death.Thanks to a loving family and many prayers Heath recovers.But the secrets that are being kept from Heath, the fact that he was the carrier of the disease and the fact that so many have perished, will not remain secrets for long.When these devastating secrets are revealed to Heath by a man over-wrought with anger and grief; Heath makes the choice to leave his family.He travels for days, ending up in a town called Heaven, Nevada.Itís in Heaven that three angels, a little boy, and Heathís long-deceased father, Tom Barkley, come together to help heal the scars Heath carries inside from a lifetime of pain. An Angel On Earth is a Big Valley and Touched By An Angel crossover story.


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