A House Divided Against Itself

By: Kenda








Within days of returning from the Barkley logging camp with Matt and Lucinda Bentell, Heath is plagued by nightmares regarding his time spent in Carterson Prison.  Soon, the nightmares reveal a sequence of tragic events Heath had denied himself the ability to acknowledge, but no longer will Heath’s mind protect him from those memories.  Because it was made clear to Heath by his family that he was to work with Matt Bentell, and come to terms with his time spent in Carterson Prison, Heath keeps his inner turmoil a well-guarded secret. That secret is in danger of being exposed when the Attorney General of the United States comes to Stockton seeking two men – Matt Bentell, and a survivor of Carterson Prison willing to testify against him. 


Now, Heath must decide if he’ll step forward and assist Garrett Reece in his quest to bring Matt Bentell to trial again, or if he’ll keep silent out of respect for what Heath assumes are the wishes of his family.  By the time Heath’s decision is made, an intricate plot is in place to keep any Carterson POW from talking.


          A House Divided Against Itself is filled with action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, brotherly love, as well as a strong undercurrent of the Barkley family bond.


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Part 5


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