Conquering the Stillness Within


By: Kenda



            In the 12th season aired episode, “The Stillness Within,” Joe loses his sight as a result of a tragic accident. Against Joe’s wishes, Ben sends for a teacher, and soon Miss Dobbs arrives to teach Joe the skills he’ll need to navigate the world as a blind man.  “Conquering the Stillness Within” is an alternate universe story that, in some ways, parallels “The Stillness Within,” while in other ways it takes Joe, and the reader, to places the episode never traveled. 


What would have happened if, on that stormy night with nothing but a bottle of whiskey for a companion, Joe had decided death was better than a life without his eyesight?  What would have happened if Joe hadn’t regained his eyesight shortly after he’d decided to leave the Ponderosa with Miss Dobbs?  And most important, what would have happened if Joe’s teacher hadn’t been Miss Dobbs at all, but rather, someone who’d left the Ponderosa six years earlier?


~ ~ ~


“Did you come up here to prove how smart you are, or do you get enjoyment out of barging into rooms you’ve been told not to enter?”


            “I didn’t come up here to prove anything, Joe, and as for barging in. . .I’m sorry.  I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes.”


            “About what?”


            “Well, first of all, how about just to say hello, and that I’m glad to see you.”


            “Fine. Now that you’ve gotten that outta the way, you can leave.”




            “Yeah.  Go to your own room.  Or go back downstairs. Or go back to Boston for all I care.”


            “What if I’m not ready to go back to Boston?”


            “Then that’s your choice, Adam. Just don’t bother me while you’re here.”



~ ~ ~



            “Conquering the Stillness Within” is posted in 8 parts of approximately 50 pages each for ease of downloading.



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Part 2

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