Dancing With The Devil



††††† Twenty-two years have passed since Evan Crammerís attempted abduction of Jennifer DeSoto.Twenty-two years in which Crammer has never forgotten the man who thwarted his efforts that night.


††††† Itís the summer of 2000, and Evan Crammer has returned to achieve the one thing heís driven to accomplish Ė seek revenge against John Gage.The passage of time has changed things, however, and Johnny no longer lives in Los Angeles.He hasnít seen, or spoken to, his old friend Roy DeSoto since July of 1985.Crammerís quest for Johnny will force him to travel far from California.Despite the distance that now separates Gage and DeSoto in both miles and their personal relationship, Evan Crammer will be the terrifying catalyst that reunites them.†††††


†††††† Dancing With The Devil is an Emergency fan fiction drama thatís packed full of action, adventure, hurt/comfort, a liberal sprinkling of humor, and most importantly, Johnny and Roy.Find out how life has changed for both men since they last saw one another, and discover what tragedy tore their friendship apart.After fifteen years of separation do our favorite paramedics still have what it takes to triumph over adversity, while at the same time reconstructing the bond between them that was once so strong?The answers to those questions and more will be revealed within the pages of Dancing With The Devil.



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