By: Kenda






"Hurry, Roy!"

"Hold still!"

"Just hurry! If Chet walks in and sees--"

"Hey, Johnny, are you bowling on. . .why are you mooning Roy?"


"What's on your ass? A hickey?"

"It's not a hick...ouch!"  Johnny jumped as Roy dabbed one cheek with an alcohol swab.  "That stings!"

"So, Gage, what chick gave you a hickey on your--"

Johnny yanked up his pants.  "It's not a hickey."

Roy grinned.  "It wasn't a 'chick' either."


"It was a goose."

"A what?"


"A goose.  The run we were on - the woman owned a pair of geese.  The gander bit Johnny."

"In other words, Gage, you were goosed by a goose."

"Chet, shut up.  No one needs--"

Chet's palm hit the swinging door.  "Hey, guys!  You'll never believe this one! Johnny was goosed by a--"

Johnny sagged against his locker.  "Why me?"

Before Roy could answer, Cap pushed the door open. 

"John, the Goslings are here."


"The kids from Mother Goose Preschool."

Male laughter drifted from the apparatus bay.  Johnny sighed.

"Like I said, why me?"

The only answer Hank and Roy had was laughter of their own as Johnny limped to greet Mother Goose's Goslings.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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