†††††† Itís April of 1975, and with the fall of Saigon comes the end of the war in Vietnam.As a veteran of the Korean War, or the Forgotten War as itís often referred to, Dixie McCall is deeply depressed over the current state of affairs in her country, and the lack of respect being paid to the young men and women returning from overseas.A tragic accident of disastrous portions forces Dixie to push her depression aside in order to assist as part of Kelly Brackettís on-scene triage team.When further disaster strikes, itís up to Dixie to keep John Gage alive until he can be taken to Rampart General Hospital.†† With the passage of time the paramedic physically recovers from his injuries, but is left with emotional scars too great for Johnny to heal by himself.In an odd twist of events, three angles, a nurse, and a Vietnamese orphan, will come together to help Johnny in a small California town known as Heaven.†† Lest We Forget is an Emergency and Touched By An Angel cross over story that will leave the reader feeling as though angels really do exist.





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