Eagle Harbor



To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

(John Muir)



Portrait of a Friendship


    Mrs. St. Clair, the English teacher at Eagle Harbor High School, gives Trevor Gage and his classmates an assignment to write a book.  Seventeen-year-old Trevor dreads the thought of penning a novel, and never imagines all he will discover about his father when he finally settles on a plot revolving around Johnny’s experiences with Evan Crammer.  After conducting hours of interviews with those people directly involved in the two times Johnny encountered Crammer, and after hours of research and months of writing, Trevor discovers that his book is missing a very important section – the reason why Johnny moved so abruptly from Los Angeles to Colorado in 1985, and why John Gage and Roy DeSoto lost contact with one another for fifteen years after that move.  Dogged determination on Trevor’s part uncovers the answers to those questions, much to Johnny’s anger. 




Papa was standing behind his desk, glaring at me.  I slowly walked toward him. I had no idea what he was so upset about until I got behind the desk, too, and caught sight of the computer screen.


“What’s this?”


Oh shit, I thought again, no longer caring that it was Sunday and I’d just gotten home from church. I knew I was a dead man.  I’d forgotten to delete the Scott Monroe file from Word after I’d printed it.


“Uh...something...something I was re...uh researching for my book.”


Papa took a deep breath. The kind a parent takes while he counts to ten and fights against the urge to strangle his kid. When my father finally spoke he asked in a tight, controlled voice, “Where’d you get this stuff?”


“I...I ordered it from the Los Angeles Times. From their...it was in their archives.”


Papa’s eyes narrowed. “You had no business sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, Trevor.”




     It’s Trevor’s turn to be angry when Johnny makes a man-to-man request of his son to stop writing the book. From there, a chain of events occurs that leaves Trevor devastated and blaming himself for the death of someone who means a lot to him, and means a lot to his father.  It takes the arrival of an old friend to open the lines of communication between Johnny and Trevor, that in turn, will lead the way to a solid father and son bond that will last a lifetime.                                                                                       

     Portrait of a Friendship is set in the quaint town of Eagle Harbor, and takes the reader through Trevor’s senior year of high school.  Old and dear friends, including Roy DeSoto, play pivotal roles in Johnny and Trevor’s lives during this year of happiness, turbulence, sorrow, growth, and triumph.


     Portrait of a Friendship is posted in eight parts of approximately 50 pages each for ease of downloading.                          



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