The Sting Of Gossip





Chet Kelly's penchant for gossip spells trouble for John Gage, and for thirteen-year-old Chris DeSoto, when Chet overhears Chris talking to Johnny about a serious problem.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The pair fell quiet for a long minute.  Despite that quiet, they didn’t hear the swinging door ease open, nor were they aware of Chet Kelly standing half in and half out of the room.


“I just wish I could stop this whole drug thing, Uncle Johnny,” Chris said when he spoke again.  “I just wish I was able to stop it now.”


Chet watched as Johnny put an arm around Chris’s slumped shoulders.


“I know you do, sport, but I’ll help you in whatever I can.”


            Chet made a hasty exit as the klaxons went off. He was the only person in the kitchen who had seen Johnny and Chris slip away. 



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As often happens when someone eavesdrops, Chet didn’t get the whole story. The man soon begins to spread gossip fueled by what Chet thought he heard, and by his own active imagination.   By the time the truth comes out, Johnny and Roy’s friendship is at risk, and Chet has a lot of explaining to do.




Cover Art by: Ria


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