Love Conquers All




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            Ten years have passed since the events that took place in The Power of Love.  The Simon brothers are hired by the FBI to discover whether or not an old friend of Rick’s, Cordell Franklin, is the head of the most powerful paramilitary group operating in the United States.  As the Simons move forward with this case, they inadvertently expose themselves to old enemies.  Before it’s all over with, the brothers will pay dearly for their agreement to involve themselves with the Franklin household.  The following are excerpts from the flyer that was mailed during the summer of 1999 regarding, Love Conquers All.



            The sound of a woman’s laughter caused him to turn his head.  Far down the beach, a couple strolled hand in hand.  The man held the copper headed lady close, kissing her full on the mouth for what seemed like an eternity.  For just that reason the observer pegged them as honeymooners recently disembarked from the Island Queen. 


            If the man hadn’t taken off his sunglasses, the observer never would have recognized him.  The body that had been emaciated by injury the last time they’d been together was now filled out and healthy in appearance.  There was no trace of the old limp either, and if any other residual damage remained it was not readily apparent.  The feeling of power was awe- inspiring.  His nemesis had been delivered to him by one of his own ships, and the choice of whether that man got off this island alive was in his hands, and his hands alone.



            “I saw a man today I haven’t seen in many years.  A man I haven’t even thought of in many years.  I realized what a mistake that’s been.  Not thinking of him, I mean.  He took a great deal of happiness from me, and when the time is right, I will take a great deal of happiness from him.”


            “And when will the time be right?”


            “I haven’t decided yet.  I haven’t decided when I’m going to kill A.J. Simon.  But mark my words, my beautiful temptress, when the day comes, you’ll be the first to know.”



            “If you’re worried that I acquired it from your own private collection, Rick, don’t be,” the FBI agent said.  "As to how I got it, or where it came from, doesn’t matter.  All I’m concerned with is whether or not you recognize the man in that picture.”


            A.J. leaned on the arm of his chair, eyeing the photograph that had caused his brother so much upset.  He was as surprised as Rick had been to see a much younger version of Richard Simon smiling up at him.  Just by the way Rick was dressed, in combat fatigues and with a rifle perched on one thigh, A.J. knew the picture had been taken in Vietnam.  There was another young man in the photo posing in similar fashion.  The two Marines had their arms slung around each other’s shoulders.


            Rick spoke from some place far away and far removed from San Diego.  “Yeah.”  He looked up and spoke louder.  “Yeah, I recognize him.  That’s Cord Franklin.”




As Love Conquers All unfolds, Rick rekindles his long ago friendship with Cordell Franklin and goes undercover in the man’s camp, while A.J. goes undercover in Cord’s home as a state-appointed tutor for Franklin’s disabled son, Joey. 


As a result of the above, a series of tragedies soon strikes the Simon family.  In a short amount of time, so many lives are changed forever.  But who’s the mastermind behind the events?  It seems so clear on the surface.  However, the answers lie far deeper than either Rick or A.J. can imagine.




Love Conquers All is a Simon and Simon novel posted in eight parts for ease of downloading.  Like its predecessor, Love Conquers All is filled with action, adventure, mystery, brotherly love, and triumph. 




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