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Simon and Simon Library

Stories From The Brothers’ Files


In The Line Of Duty

Shadows And Sunshine

Over The Hill


The Gulf Between Us

The Fortune


Mid-Life Crisis

The Calm After The Storm

Old McSimon Had A Farm

Shooting The Rapids

Lucky Break

Doctors Simon And Simon

Stormy Monday

Questions And Answers

You Can Never Be Too Careful

The Journal

A Name To Remember

The Class

Mistaken Identity

In Memory Of Angels

It’s A Boy

Internal Affairs

A Little Something To Remember You By

A Time To Grieve

An Act Of Bravery, An Act Of Love

School Days

You Don’t Count The Cost


The Sixties: Alive And Well
(The Brothers As Young Adults)

The Visit

We’ve All Changed Too Much

The Times They Are A Changin’

First Times

Symbols Of My Youth

The Reasons Why


California Dreamin’
(Alternate Universe Stories)

A House Divided

Daddy’s Little Girl

Ashes To Ashes And Dust To Dust

California Dreamin’

The Sixties: Alive And Well


Inquiries By Simon and Simon

And The Angel Wore A Cowboy Hat


Cecilia’s Diary
(Stories Of Jack Simon)

Revisit The Past

Once Upon A Time

The Final Score

The Long And Winding Road

Jack's Journal

Like Father, Like Son


Novels From AJ’s Bookshelf


Miami Bound

Can I Trust You With My Heart

Precious Cargo  

The Power Of Love

Just Like Old Times

Love Conquers All

Every Now And Then



Tales From Marlowe’s Dog House

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

The Kidnapping Of Cecilia Simon

Mr. October

If A Cow Could Laugh

You Have Stitches In Your What?

The Rules  

Painting And Papering By Rick

Wanted: One Good Wife

When Hell Freezes Over

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Legitimate Business Expenses

Trick Or Treat  

Party Pranks  

Let’s Talk Turkey

Sons For Sale

‘Tis The Season  

101 Ways To Relieve Stress

Christmas Made Easy

With This Ring, I Thee Wed

Oh Christmas Tree


Boys Will Be Boys
(Childhood Stories)

Hola Amigo  

Just A Couple Of Wise Guys

A Better Way

The Dinner Party Starts At Seven


Simon, Simon, And Charles


Lemonade, A Coonskin Hat, And Rick’s Lucky Coin

The Simon Brothers

Grace Kelly And The Great Carnival Caper

Another Simon Saturday

Call Of The Open Road


The Rough Rider And Davy Crockett


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