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††††††††††† Can I Trust You With My Heart?



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†† On a Saturday night in March, 1992, A.J. Simon disappears without a clue left behind as to his whereabouts or fate.Rick Simon spends months searching for his brother to no avail.Eight long months after A.J. vanished, Rick finally comes to the heartbreaking conclusion that he and his mother have no choice but to assume the youngest Simon is dead, a tragic victim of foul play.But then, during the early morning hours in January of 1993, Rick has a visitor who brings him unexpected news, and his first solid lead regarding what happened to his brother.This lead will send Rick on a suspense-filled quest in search of A.J. that winds him through a well-to-do La Jolla neighborhood, a sumptuous estate in the Mexican desert, and finally to the dismal streets the homeless dwell on in San Francisco.


††††††† Eventually, through Rickís never-ending efforts, and with some unorthodox assistance from a nurse named Dominique Cascia, the Simon brothers are reunited again.But can A.J. overcome the many tortures inflicted upon him while being held captive for six months by a vengeful man?Can he acclimate himself to his old life after living on the streets for five months as a homeless man named Jack?And what is it A.J.ís so afraid of that cripples his ability to talk to his brother and Abigail Marsh in regards to all that happened to him?What is it thatís making A.J.ís family fear heíll someday disappear again on his volition?


††††††††† Can I Trust You With My Heart is packed with mystery, suspense, heartache, triumph, and brotherly love.††



*Can I Trust You With My Heart takes place in 1992, 1993, and 1994.It disregards the events depicted in the reunion movie, Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again, as well as the events depicted in the novel, Precious Cargo.



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