The Power Of Love



            Linda Ecklund, a cousin to Rick and A.J. Simon, reveals her concerns to the detectives regarding her twelve-year-old son, Brendan.  The brothers agree to talk to the boy, never imagining the tragic turn of events that will follow their encounter with him, nor the baffling case that will inadvertently be thrust upon them.   The following are excerpts from the flyer that was originally mailed for The Power of Love, in 1998.




            All Rick could remember afterwards was standing on the brakes when first one person burst through the double doors to his right, then four more followed. The truck’s speedometer still read thirty miles an hour when a sickening thud vibrated through the front grill. Without conscious thought, Rick jammed the gearshift into neutral while slamming on the emergency brake.  He threw the door open and hit the ground running with a frantic cry.


            “A.J.!  A.J.!”




            Severe and debilitating head injuries bring A.J. Simon a lengthy hospital stay, followed by placement in a rehabilitation center.  A guilt-ridden Rick is by his brother’s side every step of the way, helping A.J. relearn the skills that were lost the day of the accident.




            Memories begin to return to A.J. in the form of dreams.  Odd dreams and images that, in time, will lead the detective to believe he witnessed a crime the day he was hurt.  But new and exciting happenings in Rick’s life prevent him from hearing what his brother has to say, so A.J. must initiate an investigation with what limited resources he has available to him at the San Diego Rehabilitation Center.  Before A.J.’s investigation comes to an end, the brothers will be at odds in a way they’ve never previously experienced. 


As A.J. digs deeper and comes closer to the truth, he’s forced to flee the rehab center one stormy night in a wild race for survival.  Though by far still not certain as to what it is A.J.’s uncovered, Rick rushes to aid his brother, but will he be too late?




Rick no longer cared what they might do to him. He fought to remain conscious, but to the sound of Troya’s sobs, lost the battle.  Right before he sunk into blackness, Rick thought maybe it was better this way.  Maybe it was better not to know what fate had claimed his beloved little brother, and what fate would ultimately claim him.





The Power of Love is a Simon and Simon novel posted in eight parts for ease of downloading.  Action, adventure, mystery, brotherly love and triumph, fill this fan fiction novel.   



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